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2019, 5th of June CAPITAL V8, Release X-r3, Available Now!

CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL V8, Release X is available

for general download for users with service cover.

A white paper on the new features in the X release will be made available shortly. In the meantime please consult the What’s New help topic found within the application for further details. Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release X include:

CAPITAL Business Manager

Recent licence changes to Google Map services now requires an ‘API Key’. However, you may open address locations using your browser instead. Release X now supports entering an ‘API Key’ or defaulting to opening your maps using your web browser. An entirely new email engine has replaced the older engine which now includes native integrated SSL connectivity support. This makes it easier to connect to email services that require SSL compliance such as hotmail, gmail and Office365. Improved numeric field input and calculator support. Press the arithmetic keys: + (plus), - (minus) / (divide) or * (multiply) to invoke the calculator operation. To paste the result of a calculation into a numeric field press = (equal). For example, you may now type: 100 + 20 + 30 = to paste 150 into a numeric field. The - (minus) key does not invoke the calculator if typed in front of a number. You may now change the background colours of different transactions (such as invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and so on) by using the Transaction Colour Properties feature. It is now easier to change transaction numbers on transactions by using the Change Transaction Number tool. This change makes it more difficult for users to change transaction numbers accidentally and also reduces the number of situations where the system must assume what the next transaction number to issue should be. A link relationship button, and a button for quick access to all debt collection notes, has been added to the Collections Manager. Requires Corporate Edition. When entering customer or supplier product codes under the applicable column on a transaction, if the code is not found, you are now offered the option to open and view the list of customer or supplier product codes, or add the missing entry to your list automatically. Requires Enterprise or Corporate Editions. You may now specify that the central billing (head office) account will be used in place of individual sub accounts, when performing the various system related customer credit checks. You may now easily view the relationships between a central billing (head office) account and its sub accounts, using the Account & Sub Account Relationships window. To move between the head office and its sub accounts, highlight the applicable account and press the Select button or double click with your mouse. It is now possible to prevent sub account (local) processing of transactions. Disabling local processing prevents payments being entered directly from sub accounts and prevents transactions under sub accounts from being marked as local to that account. (Not visible to the head office account.) Password Log On's may now be optionally restricted to a single computer or session at a time, in order to reinforce security provisions. For example, if a user logs into a computer in one area of the business and then logs on again using a different computer in a different area, his previous log on becomes invalid and he will automatically be logged out of the other earlier system. The Event Viewer now includes an Event Notification system. It is now possible to monitor particular events that occur within the system and send messages, via the Message Centre, or via email, to nominated users. For example, you may receive a notification if a customer credit limit is changed, or an account is taken off hold, or if EFT payment details are altered. Similarly you may receive notifications if product codes are changed, job cards deleted, or internal processes such as back-up procedures fail. Mail Groups are a short-cut way of managing and quickly sending emails to a group of recipients. Deposit & Pre-Payment Management has been improved. The system now better tracks deposits taken against sales orders and can track multiple deposits against the same order. For example, if a sales order is edited, the system will alert the operator of any deposits already taken. If the value of a sales order is then increased, additional deposits can also be accepted. It is also now possible to accept a partial payment for a sales order and a balancing payment when the final invoice is released from the Back Order Control Centre. The PowerFind tool now includes a stock status column that can be added to the display grid.

Assembly Manager

You may now view under stock control where an item is linked to an assembly as a finished item (item to build). Requires Enterprise or Corporate Editions. If you attempt to delete a stock item that is still linked to a stock assembly, the system will now offer to display a list of all active assemblies associated with that stock item. You may view under stock control where an item is linked to an assembly as a components or part. It is now possible to import material or finished stock lists into Assembly Manager.

General Ledger

A highlight of Release X is the introduction of new multi-year post flow functionality, making it possible to work in prior financial years and automatically ‘flow’ your accounting changes into subsequent years. New features include: It is now possible to create auto reversing accrual journals. When entering general journals, select 'reverse in next period' or 'reverse in next financial year' when creating a general journal batch. Reversals are handled by the system automatically for you in most cases. The Period Access Control tool now allows administrators to selectively lock posting periods for selected sub ledgers. It is also possible to automatically specify a time period in which the unlocked period is to be kept open for posting. For example, you may selectively open a particular period inside the Cash Management area, but automatically close it again after 2 hours. It is now possible to run the End of Year Close process while other users remain logged in the system. This process no longer requires exclusive access to the system in order to ‘close’ a year and create the next financial year. The End Period Wizard also now support multi-year post flow. If you re-run the Wizard in a prior year it will update all future year opening balances automatically. It is now possible to enter a journal batch in a previous year and post that batch in the current year and future years automatically if you wish.

CAPITAL Server Agent

The Change Account Codes tool allows for the bulk re-assignment of account codes for customer and supplier accounts.

CAPITAL Sales Force Manager

You may now add new contacts to the Contact Manager directly from the Mail Server Messages window. You may now view the list of blocked email or email that has been manually marked as spam by inspecting the Blocked Email Log. The manual mail routing feature has been enhanced. The application of Spam Filters may now be monitored by viewing which rules are to be applied to the contents of your mail server.

Advanced Distribution & Inventory

Customer Order Agreements Copy tool has been enhanced with the ability to copy an existing agreement to a different stock location. A Clear button has been added to agreement item management, to allow for quick deallocation of allocated stock. Asset Manager The Scheduled Maintenance Tool generates job cards automatically based on the service frequency of applicable assets.
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2018, 15th of November CAPITAL V8, Release X, Available Now!

CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL V8, Release X-r2 is

available for general download for users with service cover.

Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release X-r2 include:

CAPITAL Business Manager

R2 is a general maintenance roll-up for Release X, addressing all known issues with Release X. Integrated support for Digital Signature Capture, using either your mouse or touch screen, a graphics tablet or a compatible Topaz Signature Pad. (Requires component licence.) New sales analysis reporting including - - Stock Sales By Account - Stock Sales By Billing Group - Stock Sales By Category - Stock Sales By Sales Territory Time of change, added to audit transaction log of transaction on-screen change recording. It is now possible to prevent stock from being created automatically at new locations using Stock Transfers. Pop-up Reminders now include a ‘Complete Task’ button and the task list now refreshes dynamically. New Import Purchase Order interface. Improved memory management and reduced resource usage, resulting in increased stability for large complex configurations.
2019, 19th of March CAPITAL V8, Release X-r2, Available Now!

CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL V8, Release X-r3 is

available for general download for users with service cover.

Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release X-r3 include:

CAPITAL Business Manager

R3 is a general maintenance roll-up for Release X, addressing all known issues with Release X. Customer and Supplier Account Balance reports now run considerably faster. Expected speed improvements that may be experienced are in the 2-100 times range. Dashboard gauge recalibrate tool has now been speeded up by a factor of 10-20 times. The new Stock Aged Analysis tool allows you to review the age of your stock and quickly and easily identify slow moving product items and their stock value. Aged items can be moved into Stocktakes, Stock Adjustments and transactions such as Stock Transfers. - Requires Enterprise or Corporate Editions. The contents of Information Panels may now be exported by right clicking and selecting Export. It is now possible to create a Stocktake based on any stock you have tagged. Custom column support has been added to Stocktake, making it possible to add user defined stock fields and special calculation fields to your stock count input window. New selectable columns have been added to the Stocktake tool. It is now possible to view the product alternate name, the quantity on back order, the last sale, the last Stocktake date for this item, any quantity currently allocated, the quantity transferred in or transferred out, and many other useful pieces of information from Stock Control. General Ledger Quick Codes may now be included on financial statements. The General Ledger Trial Balance report can now optionally exclude monthly activity and only show just opening balances for a selected period. Warehouse Bin Locations may now be viewed from directly within Stock Control (Requires CAPITAL Warehouse Manager.)

CAPITAL Sales Force Manager

It is now possible to quickly blacklist multiple emails by tagging them, from within the Email Intray.

Emails may now be directly copied and filed under customer, supplier or contact notes by right clicking on

the email and selecting ‘Copy Email To Notes’.

Service Manager

A new global Job Card Delete tool allows for the removal of old job cards from the Service Manager in bulk.

It is now possible to individually recalculate single job cards to check the validity of their balances.