Release 12 – Build 1422

Build 1422 has been released with the following new features:

This release includes 32 new or updated Business Manager and Sales Force Manager help topics and 13 new or updated Visual Builder help topics. New features specific to this update:

  • Copy (stock kit) button added to Stock Kit Management area for improved kit copy functionality.
  • You may now set whether to have the system automatically offer to allocate unallocated payments or credits after entering invoices when pre-payment management is activated. (In prior versions this prompting could not be switched off.)
  • You may now directly import customer or supplier product codes from data files such as spreadsheets.
  • When delivering purchase orders it is now possible to place your related supplier invoice on or off hold, as required. For example, you may wish to put it on hold if you have only received a delivery docket and need to confirm your delivery against the actual invoice later on.