Release Xi – Build 1985

Build 1385 has been released with the following new features:

  • This release includes 93 new or updated Business Manager and Sales Force Manager help topics and 34 new or updated Visual Builder help topics and 7 updated general ledger topics.
  • The new Navigator control allows users to more quickly maneuver through the application, revisiting accounts and transactions they have previously worked on, or reopening frequently managed accounts and records.
  • The Explorer Bar has been simplified with easier to access ‘icon’ and ‘tree’ views. Either view can now be toggled between by clicking on the applicable tab found at the bottom of the control.
  • Customer & Supplier Product Codes now let you specify customer and supplier specific product descriptions as well.
  • OutTray performance issues when opening, resolved when using Professional & Enterprise Editions.
  • The Security System has been enhanced with new Special Permissions controls and role assignments.
  • Security Roles now offer pre-defined user access controls for more consistent management of users and quicker setup of new users security.
  • A new chart of accounts code type called ‘distribution’ allows you to define a code in your chart that automatically redirects postings to multiple other chart accounts based on pre-defined percentages.
  • A Copy button has been added to Chart of Accounts management.
  • Your general ledger set assignments may now be automatically validated to check for errors by pressing the Validate button.
  • It is now possible to include assign an assembly build cost recovery account via General Ledger Sets.
  • The Contact Relationships window’s functionality has been expanded to allow contacts to be selectively added to or removed from a business relationship even if they are not direct employees of a particular entity.