Release Xi – “Preview”

Release Xi is primarily a general maintenance and quality assurance ‘roll-up’ for Release X, addressing all known issues with Release X.

Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release Xi Preview include:

CAPITAL Business Manager
• 47 new or updated Business Manager help topics and 23 new or updated Visual Builder help topics.

• Global Text Search has been enhanced with options to allow you to search forward or backwards through the on-screen list, and to start at the beginning or from the current record position. In previous editions, it was necessary to change the ordering of a list before it could be searched in the desired direction and the search always began at the beginning of the list.

• Security has been strengthened in several key areas: An inactivity timeout period may now be specified, and can be applied to all security modes including ‘low’ security. When a timeout period is set and there has been no mouse or keyboard activity detected for the specified duration, the system will automatically log the user out of the software. It will be necessary to log in again with a password.

• It is now possible to prevent users from changing their own passwords.

• It is now possible to force passwords to a minimum length if users are permitted to change their passwords.

• Surcharges may now be automatically calculated and applied to cash sales.

• Surcharges may now be automatically calculated and applied to C.O.D. transactions.

• C.O.D. accounts may now be set to pre-fill the payment/deposit amount, similarly to accounts where pre-payment is required. In previous releases, the C.O.D. prompted amount was always zero.

• Preferred Settings may now be saved on the Grab Invoice or Quotation, Grab Return Authority, Grab Quotation and Grab Sales Order tools.

• Faxing as a ‘Send’ option may now be turned off throughout the application, reducing unnecessary screen clutter.

• Pop-up reminders may now be paused for a time period ranging from 5 minutes up until the software is closed and restarted.

• The Sales Report (Standard) now includes additional filtering options by state, territory, promotional code, origin code, carrier, and currency.

• Staff may now be marked as ‘inactive’ so that they are no longer included on pop-up or drop-down lists, such as when invoicing or assigning users to job cards.

• You may now select a default cash book to always open when starting the Cash Manager.

• Sub Contacts may now be assigned rich text notes in addition to system notes.

• Custom (user) fields may now be linked to a transaction’s line item database in order to store additional special purpose information. This feature is intended for developers, consultants and advanced users.

• You may now enter a reason for absence in the Staff Profiles Staff Absence area.

• You may now selectively delete stock items using the Global Stock Delete tool by tagged item or bin or bin range.

CAPITAL Sales Force Manager
• InTray now searches sub-contacts in addition to primary contacts when attempting to route incoming mail. This is especially useful if your contact tends to use more than one email address. For example, a
work and home email address. In such a situation you could make their work email address the primary email address and place this in the Email field of their contact record, and the home email address as a sub-contact against the primary contact.

• You may now easily delete one or more email addresses from your mailing lists by using the Mailing List Bulk Delete tool.

• It is now possible to compare one or more Marketing Lists and generate a tagged list of matching (duplicate) records. This can assist in removing repeats from your marketing contacts.

• A quicker and easier way to add one or more contacts to one or more Marketing Lists is to use the new Copy To Marketing List menu option.

Service Manager Scheduler
• The reason for a technician’s absence will now be displayed on the Service Manager Scheduler when you hover your mouse over an absence period.