Release X-r3, Available Now

Release X-r3 Build 1324 now incorporates the following new features –

The new Stock Aged Analysis tool allows you to review the age of your stock and quickly and easily identify slow moving product items and their stock value. Aged items can be moved into Stocktakes, Stock Adjustments and transactions such as Stock Transfers.
— Requires Enterprise or Corporate Editions.

Customer and Supplier Account Balance reports now run considerably faster. Expected speed improvements that may be experienced are in the 2-100 times range.

Dashboard gauge recalibrate tool has now been speeded up by a factor of 10-20 times.

The contents of Information Panels may now be exported by right clicking and selecting Export.

It is now possible to create a Stocktake based on any stock you have tagged.

Custom column support has been added to Stocktake, making it possible to add user defined stock fields and special calculation fields to your stock count input window.

New selectable columns have been added to the Stocktake tool. It is now possible to view the product alternate name, the quantity on back order, the last sale, the last Stocktake date for this item, any quantity currently allocated, the quantity transferred in or transferred out, and many other useful pieces of information from Stock Control.

Genera Ledger Quick Codes may now be included on financial statements.

The General Ledger Trial Balance report can now optionally exclude monthly activity and only show just opening balances for a selected period.

Warehouse Bin Locations may now be viewed from directly within Stock Control
— Requires CAPITAL Warehouse Manager.

Sales Force Manager V8

It is now possible to quickly blacklist multiple emails by tagging them, from within the Email Intray.

Emails may now be directly copied and filed under customer, supplier or contact notes by right clicking on the email and selecting ‘Copy Email To Notes’

Service Manager

A new global Job Card Delete tool allows for the removal of old job cards from the Service Manager in bulk.

It is now possible to individually recalculate single job cards to check the validity of their balances.