Digital Signature Integration

CAPITAL Business Manager now offers a new add-on component for Digitial Signature Capture.

With this add-on it is now possible to sign documents such as invoices, quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, receipts, transfers and return authorisations, using either your mouse, touchscreen or a graphics tablet. The best result is achieved with a dedicated digital signature capture device such as a Topaz Signature Pad.

Signatures are automatically stored within CAPITAL as encrypted files. The date, time and the logged in user at the time of capture, is also stored with the signature file. CAPITAL Visual Builder now recognises signature images as a special type of picture file and can display them on applicable forms, the way you wish, by editing your form templates.

A Digital Signature Add-On license is available for $395 + GST per installation.

More information can be found here:

Digital Signature Capture