Release 12 – Build 1440

Build 1440 has been released with the following new features:

  • Archive Wizard is a new tool that can be used to extract redundant data out of different parts of your system. Areas of your system that can be archived include:

    • Cash Manager
    • Customer Accounts
    • Customer Transactions
    • General Ledger Prior Years
    • Hire Agreements
    • Inactive Stock
    • Purchase Orders
    • Quotations
    • Redundant System Files
    • Requisitions
    • Return Authorities
    • Sales Orders
    • Service Job Cards
    • Stock Assemblies
    • Stock Receipts
    • Stock Returns
    • Stock Transfers
    • Supplier Accounts
    • Supplier Transactions

  • It is now possible to allocate multiple payments and credits in one step using the newly improved payment/credit allocation tool.
  • A new more powerful Stock Requirements Forecasting system has been introduced. The forecasting tool allows you to forecast demand for your inventory using a variety of statistical methods. Selecting ‘Best Fit’ tells the Forecasting tool to compare your historical usage against available forecasting techniques. The most accurate forecasting method, based on available data, is then automatically assigned to your stock item. Statistical methods available include:
    • Simple Historical Average
    • Weighted Historical Average
    • Simple Trend o Exponential Smoothing
    • Seasonality with Trend
      (Requires Enterprise or Corporate Editions.)
  • Secure desktop mode may now be limited to users according to their security access level. This now permits users to be given limited file system access according to their assigned security access level.
  • Users will now be alerted with a tool-tip when raising purchase orders if the stock being ordered is already on order.
  • Copy (stock kit) button added to Stock Kit Management area for improved kit copy functionality.
  • It is now possible when copying a stock kit, to copy an entire kit to a new stock location.
  • General Ledger Period Access Management now tracks when accounting periods have been posted to and whether accounting periods require reposting using the End Period Wizard. Now simply select Open Year from the General Ledger and check for ‘red flags’ against periods that require reposting.
  • Connectivity commands have been added to the CBS scripting language to retrieve or move your data onto WordPress / WooCommerce websites.