Slow Performance Running CAPITAL

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Slow Performance Running CAPITAL

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CAPITAL Slow Opening Files

Perform a clean operation in CAPITAL.

1. Open Maintenance area.
2. Select Toolbox|Database Maintenance
3. Repeat steps 2-3 for each company you use.

CAPITAL Slow After Deleting Records

Perform a Database Maintenance operation. See the section above for specific details.

CAPITAL Performance is Sluggish

These issues can affect the performance of CAPITAL:

If the serial number, batch number, size/colour/style/lot and special property tracking system is heavily used, performance can degrade over time. A Database Maintenance should be performed on a regular basis to restore performance. See the instructions above.

Doing a Database Maintenance on a regular basis is recommended. It should be done in CAPITAL Office and the general ledger. Do it at least once a month. If users have deleted a large number of records (e.g., a system batch from the GL) do the Database Maintenance afterwards to restore performance.

Special Price Rules

Performance can be affected by having a very large number of global customer special price rules in the system. This is the case if adding stock items on sales orders, quotations and invoices is slow. Reduce the number of rules or reorganise the pricing system so as to use less global rules.