5004 Errors: Windows Server/Windows 10 Distributed Environment

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5004 Errors: Windows Server/Windows 10 Distributed Environment

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In an environment where multiple servers are operating using the Windows Server product, or Windows 7/10 operating systems, new cache features found in these operating systems may cause errors to be generated when CAPITAL applications are being executed in a distributed access environment. Such as when data is placed on a Windows server and accessed from another Windows server or Windows 7/10 PC across a LAN connection.

To resolve these issues the following registry keys should be set to zero:

* Directory cache: DirectoryCacheLifetime

* File Not Found cache: FileNotFoundCacheLifetime

* File information cache: FileInfoCacheLifetime

As these are local cache settings these registry changes should be made on the computer accessing the data, not on the computer distributing the data.

For further information consult:

SMB2 Client Redirector Caches Explained:

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previo ... dfrom=MSDN