Could Not Initialise User Registration File Error

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Could Not Initialise User Registration File Error

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The message 'Could Not Initialise User Registration File' appears upon starting CAPITAL Office. Followed by 'Error attempting to Register User. Error No. 2'


Begin by closing all running copies of CAPITAL Office on your computer network.

1. Check that you are not launching your CAPITAL application short-cuts from a folder other than the \CAPITAL folder of the drive where CAPITAL is being shared. A common mistake is to specify the correct "target" folder but then specify a different "Start In" folder. Make sure that both folders are pointing to the same place, which is your \CAPITAL folder.

2. Check that you have full read/write/create/delete access to the folder where CAPITAL is installed.

3. Ensure that your network connection or hard disk connection (particularly if it is USB based) is working properly and have the network connection or drive repaired if necessary. Windows may also report an error writing to the drive connection that cannot be accessed.