Database Applications & Anti-Virus Programs

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Database Applications & Anti-Virus Programs

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Certain anti-virus programs operate by constantly monitoring for file changes occurring on your server. For example, when a file changes, an anti-virus program may open the file and scan it, looking for viruses.

Problems may arise when a CAPITAL application requires access to the same file that is being virus scanned. Depending on how the anti-virus program has been written, this may cause an error to occur in the CAPITAL client program or the CAPITAL database server (in the case of the Corporate Edition).

The other issue to consider is that database files tend to grow VERY LARGE over time and in a busy environment are CONSTANTLY changing as information is read and written to them.

Depending on how the anti-virus software is written, and how it has been set-up to function, this may result in poor server performance, as the anti-virus software needlessly scans such files.

CAPITAL's database files (DBF/DBT/FPT/CDX) cannot store virus programs that pose any risk or threat to the operating system.

It is recommended that any installed anti-virus software exclude all \CAPITAL company data folders from its list of folders to scan.