How to Install CAPITAL on a New PC

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How to Install CAPITAL on a New PC

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The following instructions describe how to create a CAPITAL desktop short-cut so that you can run CAPITAL on your local PC.

NOTE: It is recommended not to install the software on a local PC. But rather access and run it from your shared network drive.

1. Ensure your permissions allow you to access your \CAPITAL folder found on your network drive with full control access. If you are unsure, contact your IT support.

2. Inside this folder, i.e., <\\server\sharedfiles\capital> locate the application SETUPCLIENT.EXE

3. Run the application and when prompted, specify the application path as your shared folder on your network drive, i.e., \\SERVER\...\CAPITAL

IMPORTANT: Alternatively you map and reference a network drive letter instead of using a URL. However, do not use an IP address.


If you have specified the wrong path, simply run SETUPCLIENT.EXE again and specify the correct path.

If SETUPCLIENT.EXE cannot access your shared drive or URL you may have security restrictions in place. Try again but run SETUPCLIENT.EXE as an administrator, by right clicking on it and selecting "Run As Administrator".

If SETUPCLIENT.EXE is still unable to install a short-cut or access your network path, you may need to set-up a short-cut manually. Instructions on how to create a manual short-cut are found here: