How to Manually Set-up a Client PC to Access CAPITAL

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How to Manually Set-up a Client PC to Access CAPITAL

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In situations where you have problems running ..\CAPITAL\Setupclient.exe to install a desktop short-cut to start CAPITAL Business Manager, follow these steps:

1. Manually create a short-cut to your application on your server drive or URL. For example: F:\CAPITAL\BMS.EXE

2. Ensure that the "Target" and "Start In" paths are the same. For example, if the "Target" is specified as F:\CAPITAL\BMS.EXE, ensure that the "Start In" or equivalent path on your short-cut reads: F:\CAPITAL

3. Create a folder on the local PC at a neutral location (a location not managed by Windows, such as a profile folder or system folder). For example: C:\CAPDATA

4. Using Notepad save the file CAPWIN.INI inside C:\CAPDATA

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For example:

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Note: After saving the above file ensure that the file extension is CAPWIN.INI and not CAPWIN.INI.TXT. If it is wrong, rename the file.

5. Finally, edit your short-cut and change: ..\CAPITAL\BMS.EXE to read: ..\CAPITAL\BMS.EXE /CONFIG=C:\CAPDATA\CAPWIN.INI

The application will now launch.

NOTE: The 'neutral location' should be unique for each user. Do not point multiple users to the same file at the same location.