Setup Transaction Number Sequences By Branch

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Setup Transaction Number Sequences By Branch

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This technical article assumes you have activated multi-departments and now wish to assign separate transaction number sequences by department/branch.

1. Start CAPITAL Business Manager
2. From the main menu select Company|Administration|Customise
3. From the menu select File|Manage Control Sets.

In order to have a separate set of transaction sequences for each department/branch, each department/branch will require its own 'Control Set'.

4. Press Add.
5. Assign a Name and Department Code to your Control Set. For example:
Control File Name: Queensland Branch
Department: QLD
6. Press Save.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each additional department/branch needed.

8. When you are finished adding, press 'Modify'. Confirm your changes.
9. Press the 'X' in the top right corner of the window to close it.

10. The toolbar at the top will now display your current active 'Control Set'. You can change the active set by selecting a different set using the drop-down menu.

11. Select the 'Control Set' you wish to work on, and now change the number sequences for your transactions as applicable.

Note: There are two areas of the customisation that manage transaction number sequences. These are -

1. From the menu option Install Settings|Transactions, then press 'Transaction Sequences & Forms'
2. and Install Settings|Invoicing|Types & Number Sequences, then press 'Transaction Sequences'.

Don't forget to save your changes before closing the software or changing 'Sets'.

Finally, you must assign a department/branch to each of your users. This is so if a user logs in from the 'QLD' branch they will connect to the 'QLD' number sequences, and if a user logs in from the 'NSW' branch, they will receive the 'NSW' number sequences.

Firstly, ensure that you have a Staff Profile record for each user log in. For example, if the user name of your user is John Smith, you will need to add a Staff Profile record with the same name placed in the 'User Name' field. (Unless this has already been done, of course.)

1. Start CAPITAL Business Manager
2. From the main menu select Toolbox|Staff Profiles
3. Locate the user or press Add to create a new user.
4. Ensure that the 'User Name' matches the 'User Name' of the user's password log-in.
5. Click on the Department tab.
6. Assign the user his or her applicable department, i.e., 'QLD' or 'NSW' or whatever your department/branch code is.
7. Press Save

Repeat these steps for each of your users in turn.

For more information on this subject consult your CAPITAL Business Manger topic: Control Set Management.