CAPITAL 8.8 – Maintenance E

Maintenance Release E has been published today for the following applications:

CAPITAL Business Manager V8
CAPITAL Sales Force Manager V8
CAPITAL Server Agent V8

This update addresses various miscellaneous issues including:


  • Stressed servers (overloaded or low memory) may have suffered from performance related problems when opening the Stock Activity & Transaction Activity tabs.
  • Customer related columns in the Back Order Control Centre may not have displayed correctly due to an issue related to maintenance D.
  • Zooming in the Back Order Control Centre, Account Manager tab, opened stock instead of customers.
  • Prompt for shipping dockets setting did not respond to request to open them from the Back Order Control Centre.
  • Credit note number sequence may have changed when altering the transaction type from credit note to a different type from within a credit note under certain circumstances.
  • Inside Hire Manager, R-HILINE.MAC script did not fire for goods returned from hire.