New to CAPITAL 8.8 – DIFOT

DIFOT stands for Dispatched-In-Full-On-Time (analysis)

This is a variation on a metric that couriers use. Their version is Delivered-In-Full, etc. But since we can’t capture in CAPITAL when the goods actually arrived at someone’s door, the CAPITAL system measures when the final paperwork, i.e., invoice was raised, ready for dispatch.

If you’re dealing with government accounts or corporates, one of the conditions of the supply deal is that you can deliver up to 95% of what the customer orders within 3 days, or whatever the arrangement is.

Or in other words, CAPITAL DIFOT measures the ordering, picking and processing efficiency of your warehouse. It also measures the impact overall, by individual customer, and by individual product.

DIFOT requires CAPITAL Corporate Edition.

Dispatched In Full On Time