February 2014

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Having out of date drivers, especially network drivers, can cause problems with network reliability and stability. This was a particularly acute problem when Windows 7 was first introduced. In many situations network performance was much slower than Windows XP and/or not as reliable.

While the migration to Windows 8 appears to be going more slowly than it did from Windows 7 to XP, we are wondering if similar experiences and problems will arise in this new environment as well.

We’ve also found that using the Microsoft’s driver version update/check feature is unreliable. Often driver updates are available from the original equipment manufacturer’s website yet the Microsoft check utility reports that the driver is up to date.

Another challenge is that original equipment manufacturers sometimes have difficult to navigate websites and it is often not possible to establish what network adaptor/driver version is being used that requires updating. In a situation like this it is sometimes a trial and error process to determine which download is applicable to your situation. Add to all this a situation where you have many different PC’s with different LAN cards in use, and the difficulties escalate.

One solution to these problems we like is to use Advanced System Care to do the hard work automatically. The company provides a free version and besides checking and updating your drivers for you, it also includes various other disk and system clean-up tools that can improve your PC and network performance. We’re not paid to recommend this product. We’re mentioning it because it’s a good tool and it can save our users a lot of headaches, particularly if they are experiencing network related problems in their environment.


How will TouchPOS be released?

CAPITAL TouchPOS will be released first (probably in around 60 days) as a basic add-on component for CAPITAL Business Manager. It will be available for $795 plus GST.

Good reason to order essay now!

Who is it suitable for?

This edition would be good for businesses such as wholesalers who do counter sales. If a site required a fairly straightforward POS system but also wanted a seamlessly integrated accounting back end with financials.

What will the pricing be for a complete system?

Total pricing for the above edition will be – 

Business Manager + financials = $2290
TouchPOS $795
Total = $3085 (software only)

The above is single site only excluding GST.

Must I include the financials (GL) ?

It would be less without financials, i.e., you wanted CAPITAL to manage all stock ordering, back ordering, etc., but wished to continue to run another application for financial reporting. In this case Business Manager alone would be $1495 plus $795 for TouchPOS, exclusive of GST.

Will there be a POS specific edition?

Under development and this will take longer, is a dedicated POS orientated version of Business Manager with support for off site branches (registers), back office integration, multiple tills, vouchers/gift certificates, loyalty program, a sophisticated Deal Broker (“coupon” manager), and other features. Pricing has not yet been set.

What differentiates TouchPOS from other POS systems?

One market segment we believe we will support well are retail type businesses along the lines of Ikea, Harvey Norman, etc. Any sort of business that is broadening their product lines to include, say, kitchenware or home decor, etc. In this case they need POS for the smaller item sale side. But also need a system for placing and tracking bigger orders for that purchase of a sofa or bed or refrigerator. Because CAPITAL already has very sophisticated order management, it makes sense to leverage that existing technology.

For example, our TouchPOS system will create a quick sale but operators can press a button and turn that sale into an order instead, capturing the customer’s delivery address and contact details along the way.

And by the way, because our billing and ordering systems have sophisticated serial tracking capabilities, all version of our POS software will have the same capabilities. A user will be able to scan a bar code and select a serial number or scan a combined SKU + serial number bar code. Because we are also a full ERP solution, we can do a lot of cool things on the POS side that other companies wouldn’t attempt.

EDI integration for major retailers is now available. The developers of the interface are Capsol. For further information contact information is below:

Capsol Business Systems 

Office 3, Level 1
70 Old Princes Hwy
Beaconsfield Vic 3807

P.O. Box 235, Beaconsfield Vic 3807

Telephone: 03 9769 7800
FAX:            03 9769 7866
Web:           www.capsol.com.au
E Sales:       sales@capsol.com.au
E Accounts: accounts@capsol.com.au
E Support:   support@capsol.com.au