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Serial Number & Batch Number Tracking

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Flexible Assignments Serial numbers may be unique for the entire system, for a specific stock item or use batch or lot numbers to track non-unique codes. It is possible to track items by size, colour or style. Shoes, clothes, furnishings, furniture and other items that may be available in various fabrics and other formats, can all be tracked. A stock item available in nine colours would often need to be entered into a system using nine separate product codes. For 50 products of this type there would be the need to enter and manage 50 x 9 = 450 additional product codes. By adding a colour property to that stock group, only 50 product codes need to be managed. Various special property options are included. For example, items can be tracked by warranty expiry date or special prices from multiple suppliers can be tracked. (Even if you have never purchased from those alternative suppliers.) Portional Unit Tracking The Portional Pricing Property is suited to the timber and metal industries where it is often necessary to track products by size and length. It is possible to view the various sizes a product is available in and ‘cut’ items into smaller lengths. Lengths that drop below a specified minimum size can be transferred to scrap. Custom Property Tracking Perhaps one of the most innovative aspects of the Special Property Tracking System is the ability to define your own properties. CAPITAL can manage up to 250 separate methods of tracking. Any single product can be assigned up to 40 of these properties at once. So it is possible to track the movements of your inventory by asset number, hardware revision, version, owner or whatever properties you wish to define. Multi-Level Tracking Tracking properties may also be arranged in 'parent-child' or hierarchical relationships. So a particular batch or lot can prompt for colour, or a particular size selection can prompt for colour or fabric, to an unlimited number of levels.
Flexibility Allocate serial or batch numbers or special properties prior to receipts of good, on goods receipt, at time of sale, or after sale has occurred.

Total Integration

The CAPITAL special property system works with all areas of the accounting system that deal with stock control. Including: InvoicingSales Order Entry/Back Order ControlPurchase OrdersStock Receipting Automatic Purchasing Service Management Hire Management Stock Kits Assemblies Quotations Multi-Location Stock Control Transfers Lay-Bys Warehouse Management

Historical Tracking

Keeps all serial numbers received and sold on record. Ability to list serial numbers of items sold by date, purchaser, transaction number and stock item. Users may locate when particular items were received, transferred or sold and where unsold items are currently located in stock.

Batch Numbers

Ability to inquire on batch number to ascertain items

sold, when and who to, and those items remaining


Property Groups

Properties may be assigned to stock control groupings. New products automatically "inherit" serial/batch size/colour/style or other special properties when stock items are added to system.


Stock Quantity Reports within the stock control system may optionally list serial number and/or batch number and special properties. Sales Analysis may include property analysis.      

Optional Display

Serial and batch numbers and special properties may be optionally be displayed on transactions of your business software, with or without additional explanatory text.        

Stock Kits

Serial numbers are stock kit "aware". Users will be prompted to enter serial, batch or special properties for all applicable items on kits.

Control Uniqueness

Serial numbers may be specified as requiring uniqueness relative to all other serial numbers in the system, or may be limited to uniqueness based on a particular product code.

Force Allotment

Users may optionally be forced to allocate all items to serial numbers or special properties during time of sale or may defer or skip entry of that information.


These are included as standard pre-defined properties. No need to define separate product codes for items that have colour, size or style differences.

Auto Numbering

Automatically selects next available serial number with manual operator override. Input supplier serial numbers or generate in-house numbers.

User Defined Properties

Define up to 250 separate serial number, batch number or user properties. Up to 40 properties may be assigned to a single stock item for tracking. Possibilities include: Engine or Machine Number BIOS or Motherboard Revision Software Version Asset Code Multiple Bins Quality Control Cut or Length Variations in Weight or Volume Creator

Portional Pricing

Use to track items held in stock control in various lengths, such as timber, etc. Warranty Dates Track item warranty cover period by assigning warranty period property to stock items or stock groups. Fast Select Optimised keyboard design allows operators rapid assignment of numbers and types during invoicing and point of sale transaction entry.

On The Fly Management

Serial numbers, sizes, colours, etc., may be added during invoicing and other transaction entries.

Service Management

Track components by serial number or batch number, etc., by job card.         Hire Management Trace hire history of individual items by serial number, etc.        


Supports transfer of serial numbers, colours, style, etc., to different warehouse locations within your accounting software.

Multiple Series

Operators may choose to display internal serial numbers on transactions but suppress the display of numbers relating to supplier components.

Supplier Last Copy

Supplier/Last Cost Property tracks multiple cost prices per stock item from multiple suppliers.

Warehouse Manager Integration

Scan serial and batch numbers as they arrive in your warehouse using CAPITAL's Warehouse Management Software.

Serial Number Tracking Software

The CAPITAL Business Manager Serial/Batch and Special Property Tracking component is possibly the most powerful and flexible multi-dimensional stock property tracking system ever built into an accounting and business management system! Full Cycle Tracking Serial number tracking and batch number tracking may be traced from start to end of any stock handing process. So it is possible to start tracking serial numbers when you need to. This can be before your stock arrives, at delivery, when customers order, during dispatch, invoicing and even after the sale was completed.
Business Software Easy Scan & Import If you need to incorporate bar code scanner technology into your storeroom or warehouse, CAPITAL can read and scan data files containing product codes and serial numbers or other products. During stock receipting by warehousing staff, quantity, serial number and product code information can be scanned into mobile reader devices and then downloaded into CAPITAL. Administration or dispatch staff can then select from the available list of serial numbers when picking and packing goods.