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 2013, 28th March   See Us at CeBIT 2013 See us exhibiting at CeBIT 2013, Darling Harbour, Sydney, May 28 - 30, 2013 ! We look forward to seeing our users face to face to discuss your experiences.  2012, 5th December  CAPITAL V8, Release 8.3 Available Now!

CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL V8, Release 8.3 is available

for general download for users with service cover. A white paper is available for download here which

explains the new capabilities of Release 8.3.

Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release 8.3 include:

The My Work Day area presents on a single screen key monitoring information about your business

activities. My Work Day summarizes appointments, to-do list tasks, quotations requiring follow-up,

unpaid customer or supplier invoices, service manager job statuses, statistical information on

income and assets and an overview of your workload. For users of CAPITAL SALES FORCE

MANAGER, it is also possible to monitor the status of open cases, leads, opportunities and contacts

who require follow-up. The My Work Day screen can be customized to show only the information

you are interested in viewing and it is possible to open or manage (such as by re-assigning tasks to

different users) the various activities being monitored. Activity can also be displayed for a specific

user or for all users in the system.

Form printing through Visual Builder is now optional. It is now possible to print forms such as

invoices, quotations and statements directly from CAPITAL Business Manager or CAPITAL Sales

Force Manager, without having to launch Visual Builder as a separate application.

It is now possible via Connectivity Customization to specify a default method of form dispatch. For

example, if you send the bulk of your documents electronically, you may specify this as a system

default. Users may still override the system default and print, Email or fax their documents on a

case by case basis as required. Requires Electronic Document Exchange.

CAPITAL Business Manager and CAPITAL Sales Force Manager can now synchronize with the

Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Tasks and Contacts systems. To synchronize with Outlook press the

Synchronize button generate/what_s_new_in_capital_bu.jpg found on the toolbar in the applicable

software area.

Features include:

* Synchronize primary customer records with Microsoft Outlook.

* Synchronize primary supplier records with Microsoft Outlook.

* Synchronize primary business relationship contacts with Microsoft Outlook

  (Requires Sales Force Manager.)

* Synchronize sales leads with Microsoft Outlook.

  (Requires Sales Force Manager.)

* Synchronize appointment calendar entries with Microsoft Outlook calendar.

* Synchronize tasks (to-do list) items with Microsoft Outlook tasks.

The area that is synchronized, the direction of the synchronization (into Outlook or into CAPITAL or

an exchange between both) and the individual contact fields that are exchanged, can be customized

using the configuration and mapping tools provided.

Shipping Dockets is a new feature specific to Corporate Edition. This feature allows you to search

and manage shipping dockets recorded in your system. A shipping docket may optionally be

generated with all or certain goods that are dispatched from your premises. When an invoice is

generated by the system, an associated shipping record may be produced. This record can be used

to print a shipping docket if required or trace when a shipment was dispatched. Some carriers will

issue their own shipping dockets while you may wish to generate your own selectively. The shipping

docket system may be used in conjunction with a barcode scanner.

When generating customer statements you may now also print or attach to your Email, copies of

the individual transactions that compose the statement.

Contact Manager has a new split screen mode that can display the last communication with each

contact on your contact list.

It is now possible to import an entire folder and its sub folder contents into Document Manager

using the new Import Documents feature.

You may now add tasks and appointments directly from the Make a Phone Call and Receive a Phone

Call windows.

Address Maps have been enhanced with a new Web button which will open your address using your

default web browser to allow further navigation such as street level views, etc.

Time zones for different areas of the world may be viewed from the toolbar menu.

The Fortress Database Server Status window provides information on the database server's

configuration and status, connected users, and open tables, for the Corporate Edition of CAPITAL


New dashboard gauges have been added to Sales Force Manager:

* Calls Made Activity

* Calls Made Summary

* Calls Received Activity

* Calls Received Summary

* Email Sent Summary

* Email Received Activity

The Bank Deposit List report may now include the customer's BSB and bank account number if


 2012, 21st of November  CAPITAL V8, Release 8.2 Available Now!

CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL V8, Release 8.2 is available

for general download for users with service cover. A white paper is available for download here which

explains the new capabilities of Release 8.2.

Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release 8.2 include:

Service Manager Job Scheduling is a new component available for CAPITAL V8 which integrates with

Service Manager. The Service Manager component is required.

Hire Manager is now available as a V8 component.

Case Manager for CAPITAL Sales Force Manager has been enhanced with the ability to link

transactions of various types to cases and add tasks and reminders. New information tracked by

Case Manager include: Street and mail addresses and next action date and times.

The Corporate Edition Record Locking Scheme has been enhanced to provide information on which

computers or network sessions are holding locks open. This can assist in determining who within

the business has information locked that others may require access to.

Freight may now be merged into inventory value using Stock Transfers when the configuration

setting Merge Freight Cost Into CIS is activated. Requires Enterprise or Corporate Editions.

It is now possible to edit and change the account code of unallocated payments, invoices and other

transactions from within the customer and supplier transaction management area. This simplifies

the task of moving transactions that have been assigned to the wrong customer and supplier

accounts. Previously, the transaction had to be deleted and re-entered, or reversed and re-entered.

The new Dispatch SMS interface facilitates the sending of information directly to mobile phones via

text messaging.

Any notes attached to Sales Leads in Sales Force Manager are now automatically copied to

customers, contacts, opportunities and tasks when applicable, during the lead conversion process.

Screen Editor has been enhanced with new page objects which include a Time input field and an

Internet browsing object useful for displaying web pages.

Integration with Google Maps for accessing address location information.

The matching stock cross-referencing system has been enhanced and is now called the Related

Stock Management System.

It is now possible to roll back a financial year from within the General Ledger.

Individual graphs on the Dashboard can now be magnified in size by using the Graph Zoom feature.

Collections Manager has been enhanced with additional column and sorting options and additional

integration with the Debt Collection Notes system. Corporate Edition Only.

Selected Card Files can be added to the application's main menu on start up for quick access.

Query menu in Customers and Suppliers now allow users to optionally only view accounts that have

been active in the last 12 months.

Nearly 50 help topics in the help system have been updated to cover the improvements made in the new

version. The full list of new features is found in the What's New Help Topic within the CAPITAL help system.

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 2011, 21st of November  CAPITAL V8, Release 8.1 Available Now!

CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL V8, Release 8.1 is available

for general download for users with service cover. 

Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release 8.1 include:

The Import Customer Transactions interface is a new more powerful system for importing

customer, sales and payment transactions from external systems such as other business

applications and websites.

It is now possible to list supplier and cashbook allocations by tax code, GL or expense code,

transaction number, date and amount. To view transaction allocations open the Suppliers area, click

on the Overview vertical tab, and then click on the Allocations tab at the top of the window.

Transaction Crash Recovery is a new feature that saves your transaction data input every 60

seconds automatically in the background. In the event that your computer crashes or is

disconnected from your network, any data input work you have made but not yet saved, can be

recovered automatically. When returning to the transaction entry area, if a recoverable backup file

exists, you will be prompted to recover your input work. For Transaction Crash Recovery to work

successfully, you must log back into the same computer or session where the failure occurred, as

back-up files are stored in your personal data folder.

Cheque Writing and Payment Printing Utility has been enhanced to support bulk emailing and

faxing in conjunction with the Electronic Document Exchange Component.

Collections Manager available for Corporate Edition offers more efficient and organised control over

customer debt tracking and management.

Menu Item Editor allows the presentation and availability of icons on the sidebar and main menu to

be changed by user.

Excel file output has been upgraded to support Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 file formats.

OfficeLink has been enhanced to also now support Open Office 3.

Improved formatting and presentation for Excel spreadsheets created by CAPITAL Business


Pick Lists may now be printed based on date of allocation of stock and other criteria.

Stock on sales orders may now be allocated according to the current free stock level at the time of

saving the order.

Sales orders may now be set to default to not releasing partial shipments.

Transactions that affect stock levels may now be set to disallow negative stock situations from

arising where possible.

Invoice type 8 transactions may now be set to either ignore or reserve (allocate) stock when saved.

Full multiple document interface design. Multiple areas of the application may now be opened at

once and easily switched between. For example, it is now possible to have several invoices,

purchase orders, customers, stock items, etc., open and click quickly between them.

Dramatically Improved software presentation and design.

Upgraded grid control presentation and functionality throughout the system. Nearly all grids now

permit the addition and removal of columns. Column arrangements can now be saved by user

preference in nearly all areas. The sorting of information can also be changed by clicking on

selected column headings.

Information on grids can now be exported by clicking right-mouse, Export. Exported data can be

saved as text files, spreadsheets and other types of data files.

The Dashboard now provides summary and statistical information on the status of your business.

Favourites allow you to bookmark transactions, accounts and records that you frequently visit,

permitting you to access them quickly. The history feature records where you have recently been so

that you can go back quickly to an area you have recently worked in.

Most areas of the software now include an easy to use toolbar search function (similar in style to

that found in Internet Explorer).

Live Search is a new feature that permits you to locate information quickly by simply typing the

information you're looking for onto the grid of information being presented.

Improved, easier to manage, user security profile manager.

New Appointment Calendar.

New and enhanced Task and Reminder features.

The new Send Wizard allows you to email, print or fax selected or all records of your customer,

supplier, contacts, job card or card file databases. This is useful for email marketing and other


New and improved note pad areas have been added to Customers, Suppliers, Stock Control, Service

Manager and Card Files. Notes may be individually titled and dated, made private, and assigned to

specific users. Note information now also supports fonts, colours and includes integrated spell


New integrated Documents feature allows documents such as spreadsheets and forms, graphic files

and diagrams, and most other types of files, including website links, to be attached to individual

Customer, Supplier, Stock Control, Service Manager and Card File records. Documents and links

may be hierarchically organised into groups under each record's filing cabinet.

All customer, supplier, service jobs, hire jobs and contact records may now have multiple contacts

per record.

New Import Wizards make it easier to load external information such as spreadsheets into your


New 'Contains Within' search using Stock Power Find for Corporate Edition.

The general ledger is now integrated into the main business system. CAPITAL General Ledger

supports 'drill-down' and many other new features.

Ability to filter viewable records by user defined criteria using Query Builder. For example, create

lists of customers by state, category, postcode range, account type, etc. The filtered list can then be


The Back Order Control Centre now includes a new dual item/order view: 'Items' for all individual

items on back order and 'Transactions', which only lists transactions remaining on back order.

The Cash Management system now includes the ability to selectively transfer reconciled funds

between cashbooks.

New Script Editor tool for creating and managing custom scripts.

New dynamic configurable timesheet entry system for Service Manager users. Time input entry can

be customised by individual user to capture only the input relevant to your business without having

to repeatedly skip over irrelevant input fields. For security purposes sensitive input fields may also

be hidden, such as cost per hour.

Many Standard Library Reports may now be directly saved as text files, Excel Spreadsheets,

database (DBF) files, and Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

New report added to reporting menu: Stock Sales By Postcode Range.

Data Navigator added to CAPITAL Server Agent and CAPITAL Business Manager.

Totally integrated with CAPITAL Sales Force Manager, the CAPITAL Customer Relationship System

(CRM), available separately.

Assembly Manager now supports the ability to attach documents and diagrams to assembly

templates and tasks.

Card Files may now be organised into groupings by tabbed area. The ordering, description and

group the Card File has been assigned to can be completely customised. New tabbed groups can be

added (or removed) as desired.

Over 90 help topics in the help system have been updated to cover the improvements made in the new

version. The full list of new features is found in the What's New Help Topic within the CAPITAL help system.

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TOP TIP TOP TIP From within your software select Help|Check For Updates to confirm if a software upgrade is available to you. From within your software select Help|Check For Updates to confirm if a software upgrade is available to you.
  2013, 16th of July 2013 CAPITAL V8, Release 8.4, Available Now!

CAPITAL Office Business Software is pleased to announce that CAPITAL V8, Release 8.4 is available

for general download for users with service cover.

Highlights of CAPITAL V8 Release 8.4 include:

Date input has been improved with fewer keystrokes now required to deal with entering dates

assigned to end of month time periods.

Contact Manager next contact date may now be displayed on the system calendar.

Requires CAPITAL Sales Force Manager

Importing & Shipment Costing has been enhanced with numerous new features including:

   * The ability to have open and manage multiple shipment costing jobs simultaneously.

   * Pending shipments may be listed by shipment number, creation date, ETA, vessel, agent, container

number and other criteria.

   * Shipments are now assigned a selectable status, such as 'Staging', 'In Transit', 'Customs', etc.

   * Improved selection and subtotal tracking of shipment assignments.

   * Costed (completed) shipments may now be searched by multiple criteria on-screen, such as creation

date, arrival date, agent, container number, etc.

   * A report of goods assigned to a shipment may be generated before costing commences. The report

is template based and can be customized.

   * Unlimited note information may now be linked to individual shipments.

Requires CAPITAL Enterprise Edition or higher.

The Pay Multiple Suppliers utility has been redesigned. It now incorporates a cleaner, faster and

easier to use interface. Outstanding transactions for all supplier accounts are now listed on screen,

as well as unallocated payments and credits (for reference purposes). This reduces the number of

mouse clicks or keystrokes involved in paying multiple suppliers. New filtering options include 'by

department' and 'by currency.'

The InTray is a new feature that can be used to access a mail box and download customer and

contacted related mail. Included functionality features:

* The ability to view plain text and HTML mail.

* Access to regular and SSL mail boxes (such as Hotmail/Live/Outlook Online).

* Automated routing of mail for filing under contact or case records.

* Junk mail filtering

Requires CAPITAL Sales Force Manager

Tip of the Day provides new pieces of educational information to individual users on a daily basis.

The Tips system can be selectively turned off. Tips can also be reviewed by selecting from the menu

Help|Tip of the Day.

The Create Purchase Orders utility found under the Toolbox menu in Sales Orders is a quick and

easy way to create purchase orders required to fulfill the requirements of a selected sales order.

You may choose to only order the stock specific to the sales order by ignoring system reorder levels,

or you may choose to order additional stock to meet your outstanding requirements as applicable

for those particular items. This feature does not replace the automatic purchasing tools, however it

is useful for situations such as meeting the needs of special items or priority orders. (Or where the

more sophisticated automatic ordering tools may not be needed.)

The Customer Annual Group Sales report is a new template based sales analysis report

(presentation may be customized using Visual Builder) that groups product sales under each

customer account, and then compares products sold over the course of a year. Sale and quantity

information is consolidated by month from January until December.

The Back Order Account Manager is a new tabbed area found in the Back Order Control Centre

useful for reviewing pending back orders organized and grouped by individual customer account.

Requires CAPITAL Corporate Edition.

It is now possible to view customer statement information in the Back Order Control Centre, by

clicking on the new Statistics button.

The Back Order Control Centre has a new tabbed area called Allocations. This area lists all stock on

back order that has been allocated ready for invoicing or picking, in the date and time sequence in

which those items have been allocated.

The Address Details function found under the View menu in the Back Order Control Centre now

permits transaction billing, shipping and reference information to be updated without having to re-

save the original invoice or sales order.

Service Manager may now link to a list of tasks in order to associate a 'routing' with a job.

The Schedule Next Action function allows follow-up activities to be created, including reminders, for

one or more contacts within Contact Manager.

Requires CAPITAL Sales Force Manager

Contact information such as phone numbers and addresses may now be stored directly inside Tasks

and Appointments. Google Maps information may also access this new information.

Print buttons have been added to Tasks and Appointments.

Unlimited note information may now be recorded against staff members with the addition of a new

Notes tab button.

Assembly Tasks and work orders may now be more flexibly generated from sales orders. Users may

selectively transfer line items from sales orders onto assemblies by ticking applicable items under

the Work Order column. Linking of a manufacturing code is now optional.

Requires CAPITAL Enterprise Edition or higher.

Stock kits not set to expand automatically may now be optionally expanded when entering them on

transactions by holding down the SHIFT key before pressing Enter.

Stock Hide Mode is now available for quotations and sales orders.

It is now possible to link System Note Pads directly to Screen Editor Note Area fields. In practical

terms this means it is now possible to store, view and edit note information of no practical size limit

directly on screen areas such as stock, customers, job cards, contacts, etc.

Send SMS capability added to Contact Manager.

Requires CAPITAL Sales Force Manager

A query constructed using Query Builder may now include a CBS expression as a value to compare

against. For example a query can be set once to match all customers who have been active within

the last two years.

A query constructed using Query Builder is no longer limited to being visible to the user who

created it. Selected queries may now be specified as publicly visible to all users.

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